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February 10, 2021:

Holy God. I’m leaving my 2018 update – yeah it was that long ago – just to show the difference.

Now, like everyone, COVID ravaged everything – but it wasn’t all bad.

I also had been making major league changes right before that.

Now: I spend about half the “work” day as a personal trainer and fitness coach. I’m certified by the American Council on Exercise, as well as some other smaller entities, and working on my next certification as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. I work for a niche personal training studio. Our main clientelle is people who want to lose weight. I work entirely from home. I get on zoom to have one on one calls with clients, I answer client questions, I beat down clients doors and gently remind them to be accountable to their goals. I lead at least one high intensity interval class per week if not more, and I lead a lecture/discussion on various mindset topics for these same clients – because behavior change is a huge part of personal training, and working on the things in the mind that stop you is sometimes the biggest step toward lasting physical change.

AaronTheTrainer.com if you want to check me out in that realm, or want some help with fitness.

The other half of the day I either take care of myself or I write – for money. Half of that is any ol’ thing that pays – I’ve written tons on home security, pest control, streaming services – on and on. Half of this paid writing is in the music and audio field. Blog posts, articles, etc. I contribute regularly to Recording Magazine and Carvin Amps and Audio, and on and off for a number of other pubs or companies.

copy.nquit.com if you want to see my growing portfolio or you need some writing.

Yes I’m still a musician, performer and producer. But in 2020 I really wasn’t. Isolation and burnout meant that not only did I not perform, I did not write or produce, either, with the exception of one song which I think is probably good but a little too emo.

Let’s talk. Find me on Facebook or something.

OLDER – July 16, 2018

As I write this, I’m designing a set of my tunes mixed with some originals from members of a band I’ll be playing with October 26.  I’m VERY excited about this opportunity to build a show that really moves and connects!

In general there’s that – the revival of me as a live performer, working with more other people, and there’s a free digital album “experience” that I’m working on the final bits of (videos, stories, etc).  I’m really excited about that because of the potential for making some real fans and connections, and because I’ve learned so much about advertising and marketing that I actually feel empowered to reach people that will resonate.  I no longer think advertising and marketing are evils.  I do think it’s pretty easy to lose yourself and become a semblance of evil – so I get concerned about that.  But I’m still excited.  Oh – http://aarontrumm.com/dont-stop  is the place to sign up to get that when it’s ready.

The other major thing I’m doing is looking to build at least one, but probably two new businesses that can fund what I’m doing and what I and my partner (Sandra) want to do in life better than the very part time, $14/hr online gig I’m using to keep myself afloat (with much help from family) right now.  One of those businesses focuses on managing social media and web campaigns for people (mostly using Facebook ads).  It’s so new that I’m offering up a free month to kick the tires on my process and gather some testimonials.  That’s called PollyAnna Marketing – because I’m down for being overly optimistic.  http://www.pollyannamarketing.com.

And, since my real dream was always to be  an athlete, I train.  Ice hockey is my sport, followed closely by martial arts, of which I don’t practice a lot outside of Chi Kung right now.  I’m just getting back on the ice after an excruciating sciatic nerve pinch/back injury which kept me on the bench for over 3 months.

Things are exciting right now, although there’s further east to travel.  I’ve been slowly removing dumb, inefficient shit from my day to day – like so much email.  I check twice a day now instead of all day.  Hopefully I’ll get down to one a day, and then perhaps in the longer run, once a week.  It’s more of an addiction than I thought though.  Any silent space in the day, even just a 5 second download, and I tend to open up gmail and facebook.  I’d rather be present.

Ok – thanks!

Updated July 16, 2018

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