Get My Exclusive Digital Album for Free Today

Get inside the music like you cannot get just from streaming!

"One of my favourite albums, I must have listened to it 100 times."

- Robbie, A Canadian

Peel the Curtain

Get behind the scenes on the creative process with things like rehearsal vids and me trying to do stuff that doesn’t work…no one else gets to see that stuff!

Get Involved

Get a chance to feedback and be a part of the process for future recordings - I listen to people like you!

Own It

Keep the music forever with CD QUALITY downloads, mp3 downloads, and lifetime access to all the extras.

Why do this? Couldn't you get the music free on Spotify?

Yep! You can stream all this music anywhere – and that’s fine – in fact I’ll be giving you all those links.

But streaming misses a lot of it - here’s the place to get that back. Get involved, feedback, peel back the curtain and get a look at the process – and get involved in it!

Each day I’ll send you a new link – you can stream music right in the page or you can download it in MP3 or CD quality.

I’ll give you the lyrics (no more guessing what the hell I’m saying!) – I’ll tell you a story (don’t worry I’ll keep it brief).

I’ll let you see what nobody else sees, too. Blunders, raw rehearsals, stuff that didn’t work. I’m even going to ask you to get involved by soliciting feedback from you (this is invaluable as I do new music!).

It’s all free and you’ll have permanent access – so what are you waiting for? I want to interact with you!

Just smash “claim your spot” and tell me where to send the stuff!

— Aaron

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"I like it OK."

- Mom

"Another quote from a fan or press"

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