DAY 5: Missin'


"I couldn't figure out what I was missin..."

Listen to "Missin'" featuring D'Santi Nava

Took a hundred thousand pills took a trip through space

Landed on the filthy moon rocked my spaceship bass

Put my fingers in the snatch of the man in the moon's wife

Found an ugly baby nearly lost my life

Moved another million miles til i hit mo shit

Dug a pit to the center of the earth then quit

Looked under every hill valley rock and creep

Skinned every mink deer rabbit fox and sheep

Gathered every piece of dirt on the planet earth

Still couldn't figure out what i was missin

Been from houston to new york back to new orleans

Spittin wicked on the microphone and bustin the seams

Been to baltimore and delaware and house of the blues

Sung a song at the little dive where dylan made news

Said a prayer in the alleyway where tori was raped

Did a jig on the stage where mash was taped

Gave a penny and a joke to the original kit

Played piano in the place where sage was it

I've done a poem or a song in every town around

Still haven't figured out what i been missin

Well what do you do when you come to the next clue?

Found the white found the red but you can't find blue

I been to every other city sucked on every other titty

Grabbed ass got past the level last i'm too fast

Everybody knew that i couldn't be stopped

Except the cops

And that was bad

But i looked up and down the last town

Grinned the last grin and frowned the last frown

And all around

Nothin in the form of stones was unturned or unburned

I made dern sure we all learned

But nevertheless

After all this mess

I couldn't figure out what i been missin

Then it hit me

Yes it's true

What i been missin all this time

Was you


Missin is a song which I wrote most of about – 15? 20 years ago? Between there. I never could finish it until a LONG time later when I finally figured out what I’d been Missin. 🙂

I dedicate it to my girlfriend Sandra when I do it on stage.

That’s all I want to say, lest I ruin it. Just listen! 🙂

Oh – but – the guitar is by my friend who I’ve mentioned before,
D’Santi Nava of Underground Cadence.

And of course, the credits:

-- Aaron J. Trumm “Missin” featuring D’Santi Nava

-- Produced by Aaron J. Trumm

-- Guitar byD’Santi Nava

-- Vocals: Aaron J. Trumm

-- Mix: Aaron J. Trumm at NQuit Music

-- Mastering: Aaron J. Trumm at NQuit Music

— Aaron

Do I need to tell you you can always talk to me?

Bonus: This is me attempting to play a piano version of Missin for you for this page:

Here's when I finally got it: