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Livin Is Bling Cover Shadow

1. Livin Is Bling
2. Be Like Me
3. Slumberland
4. Happy Every Day
5. Breathe Me In
6. Somewhere
7. Open Oceans
8. From Time To Time
9. Strong Happy Healthy Free

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Once the 10th ranked slam poet in the world, I’ve been in studios for 21 years and on stage almost that long. As a slam poet, sound man and former college athlete I’ve been everywhere in the U.S. and a few places outside. My lyrics, performance pieces and tracks travel with me, morph with the color of my surroundings (like me), and fuse and swirl disparate aspects to birthe something fresh.

More specifically – it’s hip-hop/rock with a dash of spoken word, a hint of country roots, and, apparently, an “in your face folk/hip-hop” flavor. If you like The Roots, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Dylan, Saul Williams and Johnny Cash all at once, I think you’ll dig me. If you’re punk and hate rap because you tire of posturing and penis references, check me out (one of my best reviews ever was from a hip-hop hating punk magazine!)! If you love a sensitive poet but you bore of dreary spoken word, if you love a love song but you don’t love shmaltz, if you like to picture a whiskey laden piano man mashing the sustain pedal of a broken old upright and screaming to the gods at a dusty open mic in the Hotel Utah, then really, check ME out!

Livin Is Bling is my latest offering, with a bunch of collaborators (Nathan on drums, Rodney and Thunda on bass, Paul and Nick on guitars, and Lacey and Jenny on backing vox), and we’ve gone in a more upbeat direction – and man do Rodney and Nathan shine together on Be Like Me! 🙂

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