Aaron J. Trumm


“[Aaron is] poking the specter of life’s hazards squarely in the eye and declaring that he can survive anything…”

“Aaron is the kerosene and the stage is the spark. Mic’s want him arrested for assualt with some deadly lyrics.”
Marcell Murphy, Poetry Slam Master, Houston, TX

“If you want a larger than life phenomenon of pharaoic proportions, see the Pharaoh himself…”
Robin Carstensen, Texas A and M University at Corpus Christi

“…comes at you from the ceiling, crashes into your brain and stays there for a week.”
Doug Shields, Founder of Southmore House, Houston, TX

“Aaron’s blending of hip-hop beats, rock n roll riffs, R-n-B melodies, rapping and vocals makes his music part of the un-genre typified by artists such as Gorillaz and Stereo MCs, as well as Digital Underground, Outkast and The Roots (for old skool junkies).”
M.C. Popeye

“For Aaron J. Trumm, genre-bending rap is something that he specializes in on the regular and not when it is convenient for him. On Trumm’s recently released album ‘Livin Is Bling’, no genre is kept off-limits from beginning to end…”
Douglas Vann, VannDigital Networks