Don’t Stop! Don’t let the dream drop…

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Hi I’m Aaron J. Trumm! I’m a rapper, singer and producer. I’ve always been a dreamer, and I’ve never been willing to quit. My new song “Don’t Stop” is basically me talking to me – “why would you wanna stop?”

What are YOU not going to stop on? Do you have a dream or a goal you just won’t quit on? “Don’t Stop”, I say 🙂 My dream is to move you, so I want to give you “Don’t Stop” for free. That’s not all though.

I wanna hear from you about your dreams, about what you’re relentless about, and I want to give away more stuff… Once you grab your download, I’m gonna enter you in a sweepstakes. You can win a “Don’t Stop” t-shirt, or an signed CD of my last release “Livin Is Bling”, or a signed copy of my poetry book “Love Poems for Everyone”, or a downloadable copy of “Livin Is Bling”.

To start getting the freebies rolling, just enter your email in the form so I have somewhere to deliver “Don’t Stop” to, and when you get it, email me back! Tell me what YOU’RE not stopping on, and I’ll enter you TWICE in the sweepstakes. 🙂

Don’t Stop!