Hold on to your metaphorical hats and get your FREE download from the in-your-face rap/rock/mashed up hip-hop Pharaoh who comes at you from the ceiling, crashes into your brain and stays there for a week…

You can now get 4 of my tracks for free!

I didn’t make that headline up, people sent that stuff to me:

Aaron J. Trumm“If you want a larger than life phenomenon of pharaohic proportions, see the Pharaoh himself…”
• Robin Carstensen, Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi

“…comes at you from the ceiling, crashes into your brain and stays there for a week.”
• Doug Shields, Founder of Southmore House, Houston

“Aaron is the kerosene and the stage is the spark. Mic’s want him arrested for assault with some deadly lyrics.”
• Marcell Murphy, Poetry Slam Master, Houston, TX

I’m Aaron. I sing, I rap, I produce. Once the 10th ranked slam poet in the world, I’ve been in studios for 21 years and on stage almost that long. As a slam poet, sound man and former college athlete I’ve been everywhere in the U.S. and a few places outside. My lyrics, performance pieces and tracks travel with me, morph with the color of my surroundings (like me), and fuse and swirl disparate aspects to birthe something fresh.

Or to be less obtuse – it’s hip-hop/rock with a dash of spoken word, a hint of country roots, and, according to one review, “R&B melodies” which make my music “part of the un-genre typified by artists such as Gorillaz and Stereo MC’s, as well as Digital Underground and Outkast (for old skool junkies)”. Oh, and I play the piano while I prevaricate and croon. If you like The Roots, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Dylan, Saul Williams and Johnny Cash all at once, I think you’ll dig me. If you’re punk and hate rap because you tire of posturing and penis references, check me out (one of my best reviews ever was from a hip-hop hating punk magazine!)! If you love a sensitive poet but you bore of dreary spoken word, if you love a love song but you don’t love schmaltz, if you like to picture a whiskey laden piano man mashing the sustain pedal of a broken old upright and screaming to the gods at a dusty open mic in the Hotel Utah in San Francisco, then taking the train to a cypher in Oakland, really, check ME out! 🙂

For a limited time, I’m giving away four free tracks, both old and new, from my years of banging my head against the studio door. Just enter your name and e-mail address at the right side (or the bottom if you’re on a phone) and you’ll get the tracks sent to you immediately.

Ok? Ok! Enter your name and email now, get your earbuds, beatz headset, transistor radio or megaphone ready, and let’s mash it all up a little bit! I want to crash into your brain n stuff!