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What are you not going to stop on? Do you have a dream or a goal you just won’t quit on? “Don’t Stop”, I say, and so does my new song of the same name…

Let me know what it is you won’t quit on, and enter our Don’t Stop giveaway! I’m giving away an autographed CD, an autographed book, a Don’t Stop T-shirt and several downloadable albums! Because we have dreams too over here at NQuit Music – which stands for Never, Never, Quit, by the way – and one of them is to make connections, friends and fans, and to give y’all something, and to touch move and inspire the lot of you!

You can enter this giveaway right now by clicking the big button or RIGHT HERE, and you’ll be entered – hell I’ll put your name in twice if you do that right now 🙂

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  • Email People this page – I’ll put your name in again for every person you email
  • Give me a comment on the YouTube video of Don’t Stop here – tell me what you’re not stopping on!
  • Give me a comment on the Vimeo video of Don’t Stop – again, tell me what you’re not stopping on!

All of these things will get you an extra entry in the contest, increasing your chances of winning a lot!

Don’t Stop was produced by Javier Silva and Aaron J. Trumm, with Javier on guitars, bass, programming and backing vocals, and Aaron on lead vocals, programming and mixing. The message is – don’t stop! Don’t stop on your dreams! The world needs you and what you’re dying to do, so don’t stop!

It really fits with the basic NQuit Music credo – which is, of course, never, never quit. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to ENTER THE CONTEST so you can win!

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